Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Red Kimono

30 x 30
Oil on Canvas

Cherry Blossom time in Washington DC is always a wonderful time of year with celebrations and the enjoyment of warm weather.  The museums and galleries associated with the Smithsonian always offer many Asian items in their gift shops.  I was fortunate to get there early and found this gorgeous red kimono and black brocade obi.  I just love it.  Once I got it home I realized I would have to tie the obi...not an easy task.  I researched how to put on a kimono and tie an obi checking out videos and lots of source material.  It is an involved task and there are quite a few ways to tie it.  You cannot see my handiwork in this painting...but it was done correctly I believe!  One of the most amusing little tidbits I learned is that the kimono is wrapped around left over right.  A particular video did a little skit involving "leftover rice"...ending with the lesson that the closure is to be made left over right....leftover rice.  I just loved that.  

This painting is the result of my kimono purchase, the trial and errors getting it situated on my model and the cooperation of my beautiful model Kim.  


  1. Very unique, Maria and a piece I would love to see in person. I love the vibrant color in the Kimono and that splash of light hitting it.. Excellent painting.

  2. So stunning Maria. It's on fire! And leftover rice......good way to remember.


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