Monday, May 5, 2014

I Hope You Dance - The wedding, the bridesmaid and the flower girl.

I Hope You Dance
36 x 36
Oil on Canvas


This is a painting I did a couple of years ago.  The source is from a relative's wedding.  I took lots of photos that day, but this one was priceless.  The woman in the foreground is one the of bridesmaids and the mother of the young flower girl.  As the flower girl danced with no inhibitions, twirling and swirling across the dance floor her mother lovingly watched.  I can just imagine the thoughts going through the mother's head...I hope you dance...I hope you dream...I hope you live life to the fullest!  What a wonderful moment!  I am happy to say this painting is headed to its new home...

This is the first piece I painted as a copyist at the National Gallery of Art.  It is one of my favorite paintings by John Singer Sargent titled "Beatrice Townsend."  I loved painting it and it graced my living room walls for about a year until my open studio in November.  Someone saw it and just couldn't get it out of her head...she stopped by last month to purchase it.  Though I was sorry to see it go...I am glad she found a new home and she looks lovely gracing the mantle.  AND...I can always paint another!  

This is a recent copy I painted at the National Gallery of Art titled "Masked Ball at the Opera" by Edouard Manet.  I loved painting it though it was a challenge with the dozens of black top hats across the canvas and black tuxedos under those hats.  It was fun to create the shades of black and gray needed to give the painting dimension and life!  I am proud to say it now adorns the wall over the mantle of a dear friend's home.  I love that she wanted to purchase  it...there is no better compliment to me.  

It is always nice to see my work find new homes and I love when the new owner sends me a photo.  

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