Friday, November 8, 2013

Songbird - The Tiny Pianist

6 x 6
Oil on Raymar Panel

I painted this little sketch of a friend's granddaughter.  I saw the picture and just fell in love with the whole scene.  I love paintings that tell stories and this one, with such a tiny little girl sitting at the piano, lets my imagination fly.  I imagine a lifetime of music, songs, and laughter.  

I was brought up in a family that loves to sing and some of my fondest memories revolve around singing.  A lot of our singing involved long car rides and singing obscure songs that, I am sure, no one else in the world knows.  "I Had A Dog Named Fido", "Let the Ball Roll", and "Remember Your Name and Address" are just a few of the songs in our repertoire.  

Ah, well, now I will go humming back to my easel and see what other stories I would like to tell with my brush.


  1. Absolutely love this Maria, she is lovely! I grew up in a family that loves singing too...wonderful memories!

  2. What a charming painting. I feel her concentration and delight. Sing away. Maybe time to record those family songs.

  3. The perfect subject, Maria....wonderful work...

  4. Given who you are Maria, the painting is a perfect fit for you. I can see you honoring many parents and grandparents with oil painting memories.

  5. Catching up on my favorite blogs and wow! .... you've really been a busy girl (as usual!). Your new project at the museum is looking great and I am more than impressed of what you chose to paint. I think you need your magic hat and glasses for this one. And your people paintings are always fun to see. This one is so sweet. I've missed way too much!!


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