Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Putt, putt, putting around! The little Golfer

8 x 10
Oil on Raymar Panel

This is the grandson of a dear friend.  The whole family golfs and they have hit the links with the little one already.  I love the gesture in this on..the child looks so confident.  I just love the body language.  

I talk about sketching a lot.  I think it is very important to my development to sketch as often as I can.  I have often felt bad about my isn't pretty.  I have been chastised during classes for not having cleaner lines..."Strong, bold lines are what is required" I am told.  I just can't seem to get there.  I have decided my style is scribbling...I like scribbling.  There is no is what it is...scribbling.  So here is my latest scribble.  I often sketch...or scribble in the evenings...Bruce is a easy model.  When no one is there I pull out my mirror and do a self portrait.  I have done dozens.  So, now I embrace the scribble!  I feel so much better!   


  1. I would say get another teacher. Your drawing is lovely. You only have to look at the masters to see that they scribbled too. In fact many made that the art form itself.

    1. Thanks Sea Dean! It took me a while to really embrace the scribble...I appreciate your comment so very much!

  2. I LOVE your scribbling, Maria! I hope to see more! I never sketch and I think its a good practice. Your little golfer is excellent!!


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