Friday, August 9, 2013

Girl Arranging Her Hair by Mary Cassatt. Copying at the National Gallery of Art

Girl Arranging Her Hair by Mary Cassatt

I am continuing my fantastic voyage reproducing "Girl Arranging Her Hair" by Mary Cassatt, at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  After setting up, the challenge began.  Painting the facial features was first on my agenda.  The angle of the head...the nose...eyes and lips all seemed to elude my eye and it seemed I was going down fast without a life vest...but then a glimmer of hope...the features started to fall into place.  Painting shapes instead of features led me to a reasonable likeness.  I am sure Mary Cassatt was worried...but I hope she is feeling better now.  I know I am.  There is still much to do...but I am excited...and anxious for next friday to arrive!

Comments today were numerous and generous to say the least!  One little girl about 5 years old could not figure out why I would want to paint a painting that had already been done.  She asked a dozen questions.  A two and one half year old just kept asking "why"...every time I said anything.  And there were various and as sundry "Atta girls" which I always appreciate.  There were a lot of what I call "close watchers"  People who want to see what is going on...up close and personal.  Two people tripped on my stool.  That is when I have to step back and take a break. I was leaving the guard told me I was doing a good smiling I left the gallery...anxious to get back next Friday. 


  1. I am sure Mary Cassatt has nothing to worry about! This is looking very good. Painting shapes is easier...I wish I could remember this all the time!

  2. You're doing such a wonderful job...its beautiful, so far and really look forward to the finished painting.! This is one of my favorites of Mary Cassatt's work.

  3. I can't wait to see the piece done. Looks great Maria.

  4. This is such an amazing thing you're doing - copying a work by a master in person, so to speak. I used to think plein air was as tough as it gets in painting - but I'm rethinking that. What a fabulous learning experience and I love your bravery taking it on. So impressive - and the painting is coming along nicely. Way to go Maria!


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