Thursday, May 23, 2013

National Gallery of Art Copyist program Manet's Plum Brandy

It is day to paint at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  It was such a great experience...once again.  I just cannot express how much I am learning about so many aspects of the art world.  Today one of the tour guides came through and was speaking to his very large group of tourists when he asked the question "how do you tell the difference between Manet and Monet"?  Of course it was a rhetorical question...he replied..."Manet used black...Monet never used black.  You can see it in their work".   I really wanted to follow him through the gallery to hear what else he had to say...but I was drawn back to my work on "Plum Brandy" by Manet...using black!

I tried not to be too amusing today but did get three comments I thought were priceless...

The first woman said "You're almost there"...I turned around and we both laughed!  I thanked her.  Then a little girl asked if I painted the one on the wall too.  I had to fess up someone else painted that one.  BUT the comment of the day was just as I was leaving with my almost finished canvas...a woman leaned over and said "I like yours better"!!!  I just had to laugh...I thanked her very much and then decided I would call it a day.  

I think I have gone as far as I can with this Manet...I will apply to take it out of the gallery and ask to do another.  I have a featured Artist show at Lorton Workhouse Arts Center.  The show opens on June 8th and I have to prepare for that show.  Then I will apply to do another painting at the National Gallery of Art.  

What a wonderful journey...


  1. It looks really great Maria, I think yours is better too :) The things people say. There was a photo of a t-shirt on facebook a while back to wear when you paint plein air. I answered all the questions people seem to ask over and over when you are out. So great you are getting this experience.

  2. Maria, you painting is beautiful,stunning, and the comments are priceless.
    Love it.


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