Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sketch of Kat

Kat - Hilton Head Mug Challenge
9 x 12
Graphite sketch

I have been painting a lot for an upcoming show so not a lot to post lately.  I have also been sketching a lot.  I usually sketch a portrait before I paint it.  This study is often rough and not finished looking.  It is just a tool to help me with the painted portrait.  You can see the shading is not refined.  I use a #2 Ticonderoga pencil because it is easy, convenient and has an eraser looking around for my kneaded eraser which is always misplaced!  When I sketch I check relationships between features and decide how it will be painted.  It makes the portrait much easier to paint.  

Kathleen Coy "Kat" is a fabulous artist.  Her challenge is to paint 365 paintings in a year...a painting a day for a year!  Check out her progress on her blog.


  1. Wonderful sketch, Maria...I visited "Kat"...she does beautiful work...thanks for sharing!

  2. FAbulous sketch - I agree, good 'bones' for a good painting! And she seems like such a wonderful person, too... good choice...

  3. Great sketch Maria. Thanks for sharing. I hope you keep your portrait sketches ... they will be great to look at later on.


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