Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cameron - HIlton Head Challenge...

6 x 6
Oil on Raymar panel

I am continuing with the Hilton Head challenge...here is Cameron.  

Wanda's write up...

Today’s person of interest is Cameron “The Shadow” Farley who does not appear to exist at least under this alias.  An internet search turned up 17 different individuals in the U.S. with this name including a Cameron Farley who won the Go Kart 36 Division at Birch Run but was disqualified.  At first this seems unlikely to be our perp but on reconsideration, anything is possible.  The intel we have depicts a woman not afraid to push the envelop.  We do know there is a medical connection (surgical instruments no less) as well as a Canadian connection (after all her last known whereabouts was north of Canada’s Niagara peninsula).  We also speculate she secretly covets Canadian weather (this morning 27F and snowy in Traverse City, 40F and sunny in Calgary).
“The Shadow” was seen in the presence of The Sisterhood last fall so we know she has nefarious artistic connections.  However, she doesn’t appear to exploit them.  She was seen observing “Quickdraw” Jurick closely and using her tabletop easel and assorted implements to render her vision into reality BUT to what purpose?  No visible sign of this vision has been discovered.  Has she turned to the underground scene or is she working under an alias?  This is truly a mystery and we need your help in tracking down this elusive woman!


  1. This is a great mug. It is an excellent likeness. You can "feel" her sadness. The blue in her eyes sings with the blue in the background.

  2. Beautiful portrait, Maria!!!

  3. Terrific portrait Maria! Love the blue background against the warm skin tones


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