Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thirty in Thirty - The Best Years of our Lives

My 30 paintings in 30 days concludes with the final five.  Just a few days short of my deadline will give my boards time to dry and make sure I don't have any mistakes.  I will be installing this series at Lorton Workhouse Arts Center, 9601 Ox Road  Lorton, VA 22079, on the 19th.  The meet the artist reception is the 23rd of November from 5 to 7 in building 16.  


This is so typical of the age depicted.  A Vietnam Vet reflecting on his life at the Vietnam War Memorial.  Gazing at a wall filled with memories he is wearing his military beret with pins, patches and awards haphazardly attached to his hat and clothing.  


How many retired and semi-retired people take on jobs just for extra money or to get out and talk to people.  I thought this so relevant.

Red Hair

This woman had fiery red hair in her youth.  Hair grays and loses some of its luster, but it can be returned to its youthful glow with some help.  I added the pearls because my mom loves pearls.  She still has the necklace my dad gave her for their wedding...a beautiful strand of graduated pearls.  It is so indicative of the age.


The joy of a blessed life.  The trials and tribulations that life has thrown her way served to make her stronger.  She has survived and now is basking in the memories of a wonderful life.

Eternal Love

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” 
― Dr. Seuss an aside... it is a good thing I finished a few days early.  I was given 30  6 x 6 boards to do these paintings.  Each board was already drilled in the back with a notch for hanging so it was imperative that they be painted the the notch at the top back so they could hang properly...well you guessed it!  I painted one going the wrong way.  I was heartsick last night as I was putting labels on the backs and arranging them for installation.  Thank heaven my neighbor, a contractor and owner of Renovator Pro came to my rescue and drilled a notch in the proper place!  

Now I just have to wait for the paint to dry and install them for the exciting!!!


  1. I so LOVE this series. I especially love this older set. Your colors and brushwork are really great. This is going to be an awesome show. I wish I could come. I hope you post photos of all your paintings hung.

    I've done that also... painted a board with it's hole for hanging not in the UP position. ugh.. very frustrating!

  2. I loved reading about each portrait ...very poignant. Congrats on finishing 30 in 30!

  3. Brilliant Maria!!! You did it, and in less than 30 days! Love everyone of fav of this lot is Reflections! It's so exciting...wish I could be there for the show:))

  4. Oh Maria, This whole series is just wonderful. They depict life and how great is that. I think someone will relate to each and every one of them. Great job!

  5. Sha-zam! And she did it!! STANDING OVATION and drum roll for you!! What an accomplishment that was a challenge and also a joy. I am proud and love the care that you took in selecting and planning for the series to flow. Love this older crowd just as I have the others. Doorman is ah-door-able:) Love the addition of the pearl story too. Congrats and want to see a photo of all 30 hanging! Suhhh-weeet!!

  6. Can you hear the applause? This is a really fantastic series, Maria! And ending it with the quote from Dr. Seuss is just perfect. I so wish I could be there (beam me up, Scotty!!) to see all 30 in person. I will be there in spirit and wish you the very best!

  7. Maria what a wonderful ending tribute to your 30 in 30 days. Your post brought tears to my eyes. From the beginning of your 30 to the end of your 30. You did an amazing job ! I hope you are as proud of your accomplishment as I am.

  8. Maria,
    This series is wonderful. I love the brushwork and softness of the older crowd. Your descriptions are fantastic. Enjoy the installation!

  9. These are so awesome, Maria! Congrats again on your accomplishment.

  10. I love the insightful descriptions throughout the stages of life. Lovely, ambitious series Maria. I hope you post pictures of them at the exhibition!

  11. I love your insightful descriptions with each of these stages of life. Wonderful, ambitious series Maria - I hope you post photos of them at the exhibition.


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