Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 in 30 Series Continues...We enter our second half of life

This series has been so interesting for me.  I realize that I have loved every stage of my life.  Every stage has it challenges and its we are entering our second fifty years...

Yes, many of us are accused of looking tired...hahaha.  

Now we wear sunglasses to protect our longer a cool factor...though he DOES look cool...doesn't he???


We still have dreams.  Quiet, beautiful dreams about being with loved ones.  We know the value of our family and friends.  

 Self Assured

Self assuredness encourages us to express ourselves not as a rebellious gesture but just because we want to...whether society likes it or not.  


Anyone remember when nun's wore habits?  Many older nuns still do.  I love the white and black habit and the mysteriously regal look it gave the nuns I knew.  We always wondered what color their hair was...


  1. Maria, your paintings are awesome and inspiring!!

  2. Amazing series and just so well done. I am so proud of you...I can see the thought and design that went into this entire series and you are to be commended. 30 of these in really less than 30 days is to be admired and applauded...Love the nun:) Just something about that one!

  3. Maria these are simply amazing. I love them all, but, to me the nun is just enough different that it stands out from the rest.

  4. Brilliant Maria!! You are inspiring! Love all of them and the nun reminds me of my schooldays...actually looks very much like one that taught me:)

  5. Brilliant Maria!! You are inspiring! I love them all and the nun reminds me of my school days...actually she looks very much like one that taught me:)

  6. I find you inspiring, too! And I think "WHERE does she get her ideas for people to paint???" Fabulous job. You nail them from the inside out. We can always see more than just their features...


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