Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grande Pepere - A tribute to my father

Grande Pepere
30 x 40
Oil on Canvas

I have been working on this piece for a while now.  I find that sometimes if my subject is too close to me personally it takes me much longer to finally say it is finished.  I always think I can do better.  I had to let this go and move on.  It is a tribute to my father who is an amazing man.  He was in the Navy during World War 2, then joined Air Force and went to pilot training... flew B-52's and a plethora of other aircraft.  We traveled the world together.  He has always been and continues to be a wonderful, loving and totally supportive Dad.  

I recently wrote a tribute to my mom and told you how she hates to have her picture Dad loves the attention so getting him to sit for portrait was no problem.  Now if I could just get one of the two of them together...ah well...that will be my next project...stay tuned!


  1. Wonderfully rendered and beautifully written. What a lucky dad to have you to paint this for him:) Know he loves it!!

  2. What a wonderful painting.
    I know what you mean about being to close to some subjects ... I wonder if when that happens to me if I shouldn't attempt to paint from a photo and paint it upside down?
    Happy Fathers Day to your father ... your tribute speaks volumes.

  3. This is lovely Maria. What a wonderful thing to do for your Dad.Love the painting and the writing!

  4. This one tugs at the heartstrings, Maria... and I love the tribute you wrote! Yes, now for Mom AND Dad....

  5. What a lovely painting and wonderful tribute to your father.

  6. Maria this is so fabulous. You've captured so much emotion here. What a glowing tribute! :)

    P.S. I just saw the painting Karin did of you and it is FAB!!! You beautiful, talented lady you!


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