Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just because it makes me happy!!!

This is the first painting I did at the Dreama workshop.  She is so fun...such a nice person and I learned so very much about color and paint strokes.  Sometimes she will put a bit of pink over where I would never think to put it and she says "I did that just because it makes me happy."  How fun is that?


  1. This is a happy painting and I love it! The blue is gorgeous. Glad you had such a fantastic experience at Dreama's workshop!

    BTW, your photo with that cutie ...... LOVE IT!

  2. My grandson! The light of my life!!! I get to see him for Christmas!

    Dreama is so fun...not as fun as you of course...but that goes without saying!

    Shouldn't you be painting a mug shot now?

  3. Maria,
    Lovely painting. Your colors are awesome. Glad you had fun. I'm off to paint a mug.

    Kit hefner

  4. Thanks so much Kit! It was great...I am off to paint my mug too!

  5. I knew you'd love Dreama and her workshop! Let's just do that - things that make us HAPPY! xoxo

  6. Yes, yes, yes! What a great way to live! I am happy!

    xoxo back atcha!

  7. This makes me happy too. Thanks for putting lovely thoughts in my head!


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