Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dorothy, eat your heart out!

This was painted for the Daily Paintworks Challenge...paint your shoes.  These are my favorite, most magical, comfortable ruby red boots.  How can you not have a great day when you are wearing a pair of red boots?  Dorothy's got nothing on me!


  1. Great red boots! Can you click the heels and head for home? I like your green background, too. Awesome!

    Also, I like your HHG widget ... great idea!

  2. Thanks Linda! I loved doing this challenge. figuring out the widget was a trip but I think I have it now. I can't wait to get more paintings. It is so fun to hear from everyone!

  3. You are so ahead of me. I have wiped off THREE this week! I love the red boots and the IDEA of red boots! You are invincible in these, I am quite sure... I like the up-close-and-personal composition, girl!

  4. Kelley!!!! I got cocky and had to wipe off two just I am taking a break...;)

    I DO love my red boots...I have some over the knee red boots also...I feel like a superhero in those.

    Thanks so much!


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