Saturday, June 10, 2017

bowler hats and vanilla beans!

A twofer!  I recently visited my dear friend in Charleston.  We celebrate our birthdays together and have for he last 25 years!  Having missed last February with her I decided to drive to Charleston during Spoleto to visit and celebrate.  Spoleto is a big art dear friend Helen Beacham participates every year so it was a great way to get to see her too!  What a great time!  

When I travel I always bring kimonos and hats with me in the hopes of finding willing models.  I am not fussy about whether they sit for let me do a photo shoot...I prefer the sitting but I am happy to have photos.

My dear friend Kathy offered to pose with the bowler and tie...who doesn't love a bowler and tie!  I was trying to think of how to spice it up a bit when I thought of a moustache...of course it has been done but I wanted to put my own spin on it.  I thought of a vanilla bean!  I was fortunate enough to get one that had the perfect little curl at the reminded me of Snidley myself but it amused me!  After Kathy so generously sat I asked her beautiful daughter in law to do the same.  Here are my first two attempts at

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  1. Do you have a collection of ties as well, Maria?? It was nice to meet your friend, Kathy, at Piccolo Spoleto this year! circle of friends grows!!


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