Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Notes and Sketches from the Portrait Society of America annual conference 2017

Random notes and sketches from the Portrait Society of America National Conference 2017:

 Everything far away is barely darker than the sky
90% of the job is done on the palette
2 basic values

transparent/opaque - warm/cool of each color on his palette
flesh is translucent
even if you don't see it, paint it
paints on ABS plastic
map out features - use higher chroma than actually there.
darks stay thin
form first
with olive skin avoid cool colors
warm color in the shadows
warm light =cool shadows
cool light = warm shadows
orange skin shade with blue"

"As an artist, have a concept then strive to reach it"

Daniel Greene - color theory- everything is either bluish or yellowish.  A simplification but it works for him.
Values, edges, contrast make colors come forward and recede
Flake white dries rapidly and shows brush strokes
titanium white is the strongest white - use sparingly a lot of titanium will produce a chalky effect

Put your painting next to a painting of someone you admire.  Compare and see how you can improve

Great artists don't settle.  - Scott Burdick

If it doesn't excite me it probably won't excite anyone else.

when taking pictures of your subject be at least 6 feet away to avoid distortion.

Last but not least:

Use white...don't use white
use black...don't use black

The whole conference was wonderful...but all good things must come to an end...

...random sketches from the airport...

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