Monday, February 13, 2017

Colors in the hand


I am doing a series of hands.  I decided to do hand paintings because I need the practice AND hands are very interesting!  They are intricate, complicated and the configurations for composition is endless.  It is fun, educational and hands are always available to paint as I always have mine with me!

I start my paintings pretty much the same way...I block in colors...darks, mediums, lights.  I try to incorporate interesting color combinations.  As I am laying in the darks, lights, reds, blues, yellows, literally every color on my palette I started thinking about skin tones and racial conflict.  I was brought up in a military family.  I went to school with very diverse classmates.  I never thought of color of skin as a difference.  As I am painting I realize we all have the same colors...just in different combinations.  We are all so different and so much the same.  My wish for the world is to be generous...treat people like you would want to be treated.  PSA back to my easel!


  1. Well said, Maria! Love your hand and look forward to your series!

  2. Thanks Linda! I have wanted to do this series for a long time...

  3. "We all have the same colors...just in different combinations." I love this, Maria. As within a marriage, mutual respect is what gets us through things. Looking forward to your hand series!

  4. It's a great way of thinking Maria! It doesn't even cross my mind when a person has a different colour skin than me... It amazes me that in this day an age anyone could think that way! Meanwhile, I also love drawing hands. I think it's the challenge... I find than my own 'free' left hand is usually pretty willing to pose as the other right hand is the only one that can draw! This gives them each a job and stops them from argueing ;0) Love your painting... Kind of reminds me of the scene in Titanic, where the window smacks against the steamy window! :0)


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