Monday, July 4, 2016

Rosie Remembers

Rosie Remembers
24 x 20
Oil on Canvas

It is no secret that I love anything military related and Rosie the Riveter is no exception.  Recently a bus load of Rosie the Riveters descended upon the World War II memorial to celebrate their contribution to the war effort.  The trip was courtesy of the Wonderful Honor Flight organization who frequently flies in World War II vets...I am so glad they honored these ladies.  They were all clad in festive red and white polkadot accessories.  Most of them were wheeled about in wheelchairs and you could see the exuberance on their faces.  If I called out "Thank you Rosie" I was met with smiles and the iconic "gun show"  that is Rosie showing off her muscles.  It was a wonderful sight.  

I took my Rosie opportunity to take many source photos and try to get as many stories as I could.  The ladies were all so lovely.  

So here is my Rosie...remembering her glory days...when she helped win the war!  Thank you Rosie...


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