Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Sky is the Limit

The Sky is the Limit
6 x 6
Oil on Raymar Panel


This is part of my military series.  I love seeing children play...and when grown ups join them it is even better.  This little princess is playing with her mom building a tower to the sky out of building blocks.  Mom is still in her flight suit from work...not a trendy jumpsuit from an exclusive store...a flight suit from her job as an Air Force pilot.  

And now a bit about photos of artwork...

I don't think I am a lazy person...quite the opposite in face.  I keep busy and have dedicated myself to painting every day.  It is my job and I treat it as such.  I get up in the morning, workout (most mornings), have breakfast and then head to the studio.  I paint most of the day either at a studio outside my home or painting small pieces at home.  The rest of my time is spent researching, reading, practicing with color, discussing art with colleagues etc.  I do keep busy.  Where I fall painfully short is when it comes times to take pictures of my work.  I too often opt for the cell phone picture and post it.  Today I took my lazy cell phone picture and decided to take a picture with my Canon Rebel also.  I set up proper lighting and took a picture...the result is painfully obvious. In the cell phone picture the colors are off...though a monitor can skew color it is still good to try for the best possible color rendering.  The photo is not as is just not as good as taking the time to set up a proper photo shoot.  So...with this lesson in mind...I shall take pictures with my Canon and be thankful I have a nice camera to produce better results.  One cell phone is not new and maybe the newer ones take better pictures...but for now I will use my camera. 

Taken with my cell phone

Taken with my Canon Rebel 


  1. I agree about taking time to take great photos of our work. It's especially important to get it all right when you take progress shots like I do. From one day to the next, you want the lighting in the photos to be the same, so that the only thing the viewer notices is the addition or subtraction of paint. Therefore, I shoot in my studio with the proper lighting left as is from day to day. Great reminder, Maria! (and I love the painting and the idea BEHIND the painting!)

  2. Beautiful sentiments behind this piece Maria!!


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