Monday, April 20, 2015


20 x 30
Oil on Canvas

Painting is all about shadows and light and there is nothing more interesting (to me) than painting light.  I am always on the lookout for a white dress or white accessories...something light to challenge myself.  A few weeks ago while at a local flea market I found this fabulous white kimono.  

The conversation went something like this...
me:  May I see that kimono (which was up on a mannequin on a high shelf)
vendor:  I only want to take it down if you really think you want to buy it. (grousing)
me: (trying to contain my excitement) I am seriously considering it (game face on)
vendor...takes the kimono down
me...whipped out cash and paid him so fast his head spun!  

I called one of my favorite models to come over and decided to put my coromandel screen in the background and began painting.  What fun! 

I am sure I will use this kimono often...and I am constantly on the lookout for other props!  

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  1. Maria you are so talented. I love the drapery.


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