Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Resting Ballerina

Resting Ballerina
11 x 14
Oil on Raymar Panel


Anyone who knows me knows I do love a tutu.  Anyone who knows me knows that if you bring an adorable young girl into my home I will entice her with my collection of tutus and try my hardest...in a kind way...to get her to pose for me.  This little girl was so adorable and gave me the most beautiful poses...soulful...thoughtful poses.  I just fell in love!  And anyone who knows me knows that I will use this opportunity to play with paint and see where I can take the tutu.  

I started with some really dark greens, blues and reds blocking in...and then lightened up areas with some lighter shades of the same...finally mixing in some cool white for the highlights.  I think it looks like it has been danced in all day long and the little ballerina is tired.  

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  1. You can certainly tell you had a fun time! Love all the colors in her tutu! Also love the abstract background!


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