Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jeanne Bessette Workshop - Raleigh, North Carolina


This piece was painted at a workshop I attended in Raleigh North Carolina.  Jeanne Bessette was our fearless leader.  If you are not familiar with Jeanne's work check out her website.  All the figures are loosely representative of members of the class.  Jeanne is depicted by the figure on the end...she has her arms raised and is wearing a triangular top as an homage to her iconic "tada" figure for which she is known.  Each of my classmates are represented by something I noticed during the week.  It is a very personal piece...not for sale...just for me. 

Walking into the workshop I knew a couple of things.  I knew everyone would be using acrylic paints and they would all be painting in an abstract style.  I paint with oils and in a realistic style.  The reason I wanted to learn from Jeanne is that she is a marketing genius.  She knows a lot about pricing, galleries and moving careers forward.  I wanted to learn all I could.  Since the size of the class was so very small individual attention was ample.  Jeanne took time to address each one of us privately and discuss our needs, wants and dreams.  Jeanne encouraged each of us to reach up as high as we can...embrace our bigness...and enjoy success.  It was an amazing experience.  


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