Sunday, November 23, 2014

Piper - Little Ballerina

Piper - Tiny Ballerina
11 x 14
Oil on Raymar Panel

Study for a larger piece

Recently I was fortunate to be visited by Piper.  She was a marvelous model.  I always have my tutus and special white chair handy for just such visits and she cooperated much better than I could have ever expected.  She sat in the chair in her voluminous tutu and folded her hands in a ladylike fashion.  I asked her to look towards the window so I could capture the light on her face and she obliged just like a pro!  I was thrilled.  I was able to take dozens of source photos.  This is my first study.  

I always have a very long list of paintings I want to do.  I try to take advantage of any models I can entice into posing for me so my source photos fill volumes.  I get excited and change directions often.  The constant is capturing an emotional moment.  It always intrigues me and drives me to improve.  

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