Monday, April 7, 2014

Eris - Goddess of Mayhem

Eris - Goddess of Mayhem
16 x 20
Oil on Raymar panel


Eris Goddess of Mayhem will not be reigning over the Mayhem show at the underground gallery in Crystal City April 28 - May 31, with the Opening Reception on Friday, May 2, 5-8PM.  I am sure it will be a fabulous show!  

When the show was first announced I struggled with how I would interpret the theme.  I was sure there would be a lot of chaotic, frenzied artwork and I knew painting a portrait, albeit an imaginary one, would be a risk and possibly not fit into the look of the show.  I am still glad I painted her...and I do love the painting.  It has a super hero/villainess  sort of look to it.

As I struggled with the theme, my son, Michael visited and helped me decide what to paint.  He found can read more about her HERE.  Once I settled on the concept...Eris holds a golden apple...I needed a model.  An emergency call to my daughter in law, Marissa, and a request for her to put on her red dress and hold an apple resulted in a quick iPhone picture that was the inspiration for my painting.  

It was fun, it stretched my imagination and fits into my series of strong, confident women.  

Now on to the next challenge!

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  1. I think she turned out great! Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain and she has a bit of that elegance and evil. Well done!


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