Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Ma"...A Mother's Day tribute to my mom...

22 x 28 
Oil on Canvas

I painted this a year or so ago.  I wanted to do a portrait of my mom...but she hates having her picture taken and I knew she wouldn't sit for me.  I spent a week with my parents and took lots of pictures of the family and finally pointed my camera at her...she didn't protest she just gave me the slightest "Mona Lisa" smile and I snapped while I had the chance.  There is so much about this portrait that I love.  I love the cuff bracelet she always wears.  I love it when she wears red.  I love that she smiled for me even though I knew she didn't want to.   I love that she is in her 80's and I still get to talk to her every day.  When I showed her the portrait she said "Thank you for painting me pretty."  I love my mom.  Happy Mother's day...

Of course this one is not for sale...but I could do one of YOUR mom...just a thought...;)


  1. What a perfect tribute to your Mom! You are so blessed to still have her in your life!
    Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  2. Beautiful portrait of your mom. Very lovely. I hope you had a happy mothers day!

  3. beautiful post and portrait. I still have my mama too and I know how lucky I am.

  4. It's a sweet and tender portrait of your mother. You're blessed to have each other!


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