Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hilton Head Gang - Another Last Final Mug

Vince "The Organizer"
4 x 4 
Oil on Board

Vince “ The Organizer” is an adjunct member of the notorious Hilton Head Gang.  Vince is the one who made everything at the fabulous Karin Jurick workshop run smoothly.  He is calm, reassuring and more than helpful.  He has tried to disassociate himself from the group but once a Hilton Head Gang member...always a Hilton Head Gang member.  It is like the Hotel can check in any time you want...but you can never leave...hahahahahahahahaha...... we all are...What a notorious looking group! 

Seriously, folks...this is the last one.  On to new adventures now!


  1. Your Vince is really nice! He has great eyes, and you captured them.
    So fun to see all your mugs laid out like that. I think the group is even more interesting as a whole. It really is an accomplishment.

  2. I just finished Vince and not sure if I'll post him or re-do. Yours looks great and I LOVE all of us together!! We are definitely a "GANG!!" Good work, my friend!

  3. Hey! There we are! Together again!! What fun and I'm with Linda - I love it. I knew y'all were pretty special during the week we were together but in these months since we parted ways, everyone has become right down precious to me. I'd so love to have us together again.

    Your Vince is excellent - I'd know him anywhere!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! The Hilton Head Gang is fabulous! Beautiful ladies (and gent) and beautiful paintings!


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